Email Marketing and its Importance in Business

Email is a secure referencing method for quick communication. Though there are several other methods of communication, Also used for email marketing. Email is still one of the most popular ways of Interaction, Especially when it comes to Formal Business communication. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email and Email marketing in Business:

Email is a highly used communication system in the workplace today. Despite this, Email still faces the criticism a lot as they believe its disadvantages have dominated over its advantages.

Advantages OF Email: 

  1. Helps in Fast Client Communication: When you need to get an essential message to a client or business associate who is located thousands of miles away, one of the fastest ways to do it is by Email. 
  • One of the advantages we find in Email and not in telephone communications services is the quality of speed. Email not only provides you with the accessibility to communicate massages but also the feature with which you can share documents attachments easily. 
    • Phone calls take longer in general anyway, because you have to get through to the right person and catch them when they can talk. An email, on the other hand, can be sent quickly and be waiting for them when they’re ready to review it.
  1. Availability and Portability are more assessable: The increased use of Email has resulted in business people receiving hundreds of emails every day. And it also provides you with the accessibility to archive those hundred and thousands of emails and massages into your devices for a more extended period, and also can retrieve those emails whenever needed. 
  2. Helps in Cutting the Shipping and Mailing Costs: Aside from the cost of your internet connection, Email is free as it provides you with the advantage to send as many emails and messages, files, videos, documents, and presentations through attachments without any payable charges. It significantly reduces your company’s shipping and postage costs. 

Disadvantages OF Email: 

  1. Malware Trafficking Attacks:  It is a kind of virus software that is used for the malpractice and is designed to Damage the networking failure, which in the case leads to a lack of security policies. 
  2. Information Overload: Accessibility to get more and more information can potentially lead to Information overload, receiving a lot and a lot of emails may lead to a lot of unread informative mails, and also this will affect our work. 
  3. Unauthorized access: On the Internet getting unauthorized access to someone else account is very vital nowadays. There are higher possibilities that someone else can gain easy access to your personal work information if shared through emails. The attack of hackers is increasing day by day and is leading to a higher rate of risk in using this application. 
  4. Spams and viruses:  Spams and viruses are leading to the fear of damaging also leads to the spread of misinformation, and which can affect our work on a large scale. Spams are the message and mails that we receive from unauthorized users and it is easy for the work people to misconceive those fake massages to the informative one.  
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Why Is Email Important in Business Communication?

Email nowadays plays a vital role in Business communication processes. The primary use of Email has led to more easily accessible for transmission of data through electronic mediums, which has to lead the communication with the coworkers easy and also to be in direct contact with the client quickly, even being in different geographical boundaries. 

  • Instantaneously Reciprocation of Business-related information with your client and business Partner around the Globe.  
  • It helps in storing a large number of Business related emails with easy access to keeping long time backups.
  • The Email has provided Business one of the cheapest ways to communicate with merely any cost added to it. It also offered the satisfaction of deftness and proficiency in the spread of information. 




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